Spring 2022 Collection

The Elder Statesman's Spring/Summer 春夏 2022 collection is photographed with Japanese kaido racer cars by Moonlight Runners.

Moonlight Runners is a small family-owned business based in Southern California which focuses on creating traditional custom kaido mods for the US market. Each style of racer aims to stay as true to the original kaido style as possible while featuring their own personal Southern California influence. The art of kaido is about going against the grain and being individual– a value we share as a brand.

Like-minded, we strive to keep traditional craftsmanship processes alive while telling our own story.

Creative Director : Bailey Hunter
Produced by Knox Projects & Carlye Burke
Cars by Moonlight Runners
Hair by Jaime Diaz
Makeup by Zaheer Sukhnandan
Feat. Princess Gollum / Sanam Sindhi / TwoTom / Willy Choi / Jung Yun / Andrea Jacob