In an effort to provide transparency in to our business practices and responsibilities to the environment and the world, below is a breakdown of some of the initiatives and policies that we have taken as a company:


Waste Reduction - In an effort to reduce production waste, 73% of our production is Fully Fashioned. By doing producing this way, our goods leave no wasted fabric by having to cut the fabric unlike in cut and sew fabrications. Any usable scraps that are produced from the rest of production are repurposed into a variety of goods. 
To dye our goods, we hand dye in small batches with non toxic dyes to ensure that little to no dye is wasted.


Energy Consumption - We work to reduce our energy consumption by air drying all of our dyed garments. Our vendors, offset their energy consumption by using solar power at their plants.  


In House Factory - Majority of our goods are produced in our in house factory. Our factory workers are paid by the hour, not by the piece. In addition to being paid hourly, workers are provided Health Care and other benefits. Goods not produced in our factory come from other LA-based Factories, England, or Boliva.

As we grow as a business we hope to expand our practices to continue to make meaningful change towards being a more socially and environmentally conscious company.