This project has been a long time coming. Since day one, The Elder Statesman has stood for the idea that, by making things well, we could imbue our products with a sense of soul. You can feel it the moment you touch one of our sweaters. And soul is what we’ve always loved as fans of the NBA—growing up worshipping the likes of Jordan, Bird, and Magic; every year since, getting caught up in the wild drama of the season.

Given all this, our decision to approach the NBA about collaborating was a no brainer—it required no great insight. We very simply knew there was a need because we wanted this product ourselves. And the NBA agreed: whether a given fan is someone who typically buys luxury apparel or not, he or she ought to be able to wear something both elegant and of a quality that reflects their deep passion for the game.

The Elder Statesman x NBA is a first of its kind collaboration. As such, it represents a true next step in the evolution of our company as well as American luxury. And we’re excited about that.

This week we are launching the first in what will be a series of very limited editions of The Elder Statesman x NBA. The 12 styles of sweaters, scarves, hats, and t-shirts in this first edition will be available nationwide exclusively at Barneys.

Soon we will be announcing the second edition, which will be available through our own retail channels. And as the 2016-2017 NBA season progresses, editions will continue to drop—both at Barneys and our own channels—through All-Star Weekend and all the way to the Finals.

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