The Elder Statesman is a Los Angeles based luxury lifestyle label founded in 2007 by Greg Chait.

Launching with a series of custom blankets, The Elder Statesman has expanded its offering to a wide range of a products including, but not limited to, women’s and men’s ready to wear collections, knit and woven accessories of all kinds, optical, children’s items, and a robust selection of home goods. The Elder Statesman is defined by the design principles of exceptional quality and impeccable craftsmanship, yet with a signature refined ease and soul.

Driven by a deep appreciation and understanding of artisan disciplines, the label is committed to producing high end product, always manufactured in the best possible way. The Elder Statesman plans to take these principles into the future with an extreme focus and discipline, yet a light heart along the way.



The Story Behind The Elder Statesman

The story starts way, way back.  Vast land, wide ocean, and a couple of centuries away from here, from now, from California. It begins in England, in the 1800s, with a father and son named Pitt, who distinguished themselves amid the stuffy, powdered wig world of British politics, not through family connections or aristocratic titles, but through smarts, wit and passion.

Father Pitt was known in Parliament as The Elder Statesman, a man whose speaking skills were legend; a man who debated, shouted, encouraged and inflamed, who gave the government hell by tapping into a vast historical and literary knowledge and no-bullshit way of conveying his point of view.

His son would become Prime Minster. The Elder Statesman himself would evolve into an archetype—a symbol for power gained through skill rather than name, a way of implying when something is good for good’s sake, of how the quality of a man-woman-thing should stand entirely on its own.

We take the name The Elder Statesman in homage both to the Pitts’ gumption and authenticity, and to our own founder’s late big brother, a guy who was as no bullshit as they come. We take the name The Elder Statesman because what we make here is about quality, craftsmanship and imagination; over trend or fad or popular opinion. The Elder Statesman is about holding your ground, keeping true to your roots and embracing everything good.

We’re inspired by the Pitts, by our family, our friends; by the kind of people who say what they mean, do what they feel, and stand on their own.

Cheers to all The Elder Statesmen out there—past, present and future.